Why BestSuitSeo?
"The software was very stable and didn't crash even once with 3 days of continuous usage even when analyzing 5k keywords to test."
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Best Seo Suite Features

Your Best Seo Suite Version 3 now contains over 100 user interface improvements! Including the New Super Tab System, Proxy Control per Module/Tool Instance, All New Thread Control, Special New Content Input/Output Controls, Revamped Toolbars, API Integration with some of your Favourite online services and much more...

Super Tab based System

Since Version 3, BestSeoSuite uses a super tabbed based system for all tools. Our new Tab system makes working with the 40+ tools a breeze, with each tab featuring its own garbage collection, separate processes and modular design; your best seo suite is stable.

With unlimited tab creation, you can open as many tabs as you like including duplicates of the same tool for the ability to run many projects in parallel.

Per Module Proxy Control

The Proxy system in BestSeoSuite allows you to enable and disable proxies on a per tab basis.

Using our superior proxy management makes any limits enforced by various providers void! For example using proxies with the Google Scraper will allow you to run many different tabs using the scraper with hundreds or even thousands of queries per tab.

Amazing Thread Control

New in Version 3 of Best SeoSuite comes the ability to totally control all modules/tools that utilize threads. Not only can you limit how many threads can be created but you can also specify the delays and priority of the threads in each tab.

The new thread controller also gives you great feedback for the current thread states so you can fine tune with ease.

Please note; that this is a power user option and for most tools the best settings have already been pre-configured. Configuring the threads beyond what your hardware and internet connection can handle can lead to issues, so when advancing the thread options simply adjust in small increments!

Content Aware Text Areas

Sporting brand new Content Aware Text Areas your Best Seo Suite makes data entry and examination a dream.

With many great new features such as Syntax Highlighting, Line auto-indenting, Line numbering and Line/Block Foldings the new text editor embedded in every module will leave you with a great big smile on your face.

If all you want is the old black and white editor for distraction free text entry its as easy as a click of a button at the top of the text area to switch between the two.

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