Why Best Seo Suite?
"I don't remember the last time I saw such a huge program of this nature.
It was evident that many updates have already happened with the program to iron out and issues and suggestions made to include in this software and in the past week I have had at least 3 updates :)"
Why Best Seo Suite?
"So I gave the software a spin using the wonderwheel option (which I bought for $27 elsewhere) It was cool to watch it pumping away as it searched 5 levels deep. (it can go 9 levels).
It brought up 1,889 results in about 20 seconds. Nice!
Maybe you won't like this, but I tried to crash this thing. I couldn't, It was fast and responsive. "
Why Best Seo Suite?
"My toes started to tingle when I checked the domain scraper. I found 79,500 domains that were just registered.
When you see what domain names people are registering you'll get some KILLER ideas for domains based on what you see.
I was floored when I saw this. Oh, and it bought up 79K domains in under a minute."
Why Best Seo Suite?
"The abilities of this software are astounding.
I didn't read any part of the support material on how to use it to see how user friendly it would be and it passed the test with flying colors. (and I am not a techie type person at all)
This program will save you a TON of time and frustration.
10 out of 10 (easily)"

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Your a retard if you don't get this

If your serious about SEO & your playing in competitive niches your a retard if you don't get this software

The link creator combined with google suggest & wonderwheel scrapes is great for doing quick turnarounds on your blasts with XR/Zenno and banging together huge spintax keyword variations anchor txts that people are actually searching for....it used to be such a bitch having to do that everyday by hand.

if you know how to scrub random links scraps down into LinkLists, you can just scrape fresh link drops 24/7 with the "google ping interception" tool. Its pretty cool to watch what other people are pinging.

— Megalomaniac Midget — BHW Exec VIP

Easy to use and very fast

This is a pretty cool tool. I was able to use some of the tools on this software and they seem to work very well. There are some processes that I have yet to learn and I will be playing with this in the next few days.

The design of the software is very nice, you can navigate through all the tools very easily and it is fast. If you bought these tools separately, you would probably pay a pretty penny.

Overall, this tool seems easy to use and it is very fast and seems like a time saver.

I do feel like they could expand the help section, unless I missed something, a few videos would be cool showing the use of the tools, but overall it is pretty user friendly so you would be able to figure things out on your own easily.

— Xio1

Everything works flawlessly, without errors.

I've tried out many features and everything works flawlessly, without errors.

This is definitely a great software for those into SEO. I have tried out some of the features in this program and the outcome had been what is promised.

The design is great. A very simple, easy to use design. When moving from tool to tool, navigation is very quick. This will surely save time and money. If you bought these tools separately, they would cost much more money (I'm talking about 5x more!) and would definitely take more time to use. There are many reasons for this, such as: each program will have it's own design, layout and you will have to get used to each design, will is annoying and takes up time. Also, as stated earlier, you would have to open and close programs each time, unless of course they are all opened at the same time, which will create other unnecessary problems.

Definitely a must buy to those who don't want to spend a lot of money on SEO and want to save time doing to too. Everything looks great and I'm sure they will update the software even further with great, new useful features.

— Ben Gordon

Why Best Seo Suite?

I was very impressed from the features. The one I liked the most was Google Cache Ripper, can be very very useful! Yahoo Site Explorer Ripper was pretty fast. List Merger worked good and was stable with huge lists. Content Spinner wasn't good enough, many irrelevant words came up, but I hope linkme will work on it. Content Translation worked well too. Typo Generator came up with large number of possible typos for the keyword which a user can make.

I really wanted to test its stability so I fed 500k urls and 5 keywords into the Link Creator (PC Config - i5 2.8Ghz Proccy, 8Gigs RAM and Win 7 x64) and it returned the links in anchor text format for html without any crash though it took some time! It wasn't even much heavy on memory, it used near 310mb of memory. I wanted to try even bigger list but I'm short on time right now.

The interface is very neat and clean displaying all the info. The software was very stable and didn't crash even once, which is a good sign for a new product. It will come handy and make your life easy if you are a heavy or mediocre user of scrapebox, xrumer and other link building tools.

— Redstone

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